Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shabber Session

So the Gully sesh went down in St. Charles yesterday... A mad gutchy turnout with all the Gully crew (minus T, in T) in attendance. J to the E had a fresh ass new Federal with all new new on it. Shit was chromed out (see the new POD). But he was killzin it, as usual. Mar-gwarchy was in the building as well shabbin some insane railrides, as usual. The fuckin 12:35 crew go so god damn hard... Speakin of 12:35, I've been savin' this photo for almost a week.

Yea thats the counter from the blog someday last week, which if you haven't noticed has doubled since then...

But back to the sesh, Dook Wallace was in the buildin' dialin' in some gutchy photos. For not shooting for very long, Dooky Dubs photo game is getting pretty god damn proper. Peeps belowche.JW - one-footed YAAAAARRRRR-o.McSMASH wit a bussy-driva.Kese chargin' a3 to FLAT.

That's all for now... Be on the look-out for THE CLOUSE CELLAR coming soonz...

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  1. eughhhhh that super ultra clouse dooky poo.

  2. busdrivers aint gully.

  3. passing to greet passing thegullyfactory