Friday, February 26, 2010


The Dook Wallace comin thru again with some mo gwarpy snappers... Every time I shoot with Dook his timing and framing gets better... Dooks photo game is out to pop this summer, being 12:35 Exclusive Photographer. Can't wait 'til he cops the FISH! Peeps a few of the photos he snapped last night for Felt.
One foot euro on the spine.
Table on the 1/4.
Euro on wedge1/4.

Told you his snap game proper. Be on the lookout, Dook creepin' on the come up.

Speaking of that, I dont think it got mentioned yet, but in a few weeks the entire Gully crew hitting up the Bone Thugs show at Congress in Downtown Chicago. That shit is bout to be Bucky Lasek. Last time I seen Bone at the House of Blues, the floor felt like it was bouncing like a trampoline and errrrbody was big blarchin... Good Times.
100 -- JW

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