Monday, February 22, 2010

Mo E 4 0

I can't even believe E-40 is deep in the game as he is... He was makin' tracks wit 2pac when Pac was on the come up... So Ima post this classic from Pac teachin' yall skittle heads a lesson on how it's done.
You see E-40 in the back goin hard... But the whole point of this post was to throw this music video up... Shit is O-G triple.... This song is got mad swag, and keep in mind its 15 years old. E-40 got gutchy music vids like the Gully got gutchy eddy murphyz... The highlight of the video has to be the super ultra dude bustin some gully dance moves (1:52, 2:40, 2:49, 3:56, 4:30). I love that shit when you can just goon out and not give a fuck. Peeps.
One Luv - Shabber Central

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