Saturday, February 6, 2010

Crackin Niggas Jaws Runnin Hoes Into Walls

New New is present....

Here is the Super Ultra Mega Gulliest.

Project Pat G.F.E. from Tony Malouf on Vimeo.

Just a Compilation to some Project Pat. I put this shit on my vimeo because the Gully has uploaded it's maximum for the week. You guys don't know that yet cause we on some Ultra excluse shit.

Fuel shit... and some mo coming soon.

T'will have you TRIP'N.

Like your on acid.


-T money cash money


  1. that shit was fucking awesome. good bike riding, project pat, and WEED

  2. The new G.F.E. goes hard as bricks

  3. Nice to see Dook Wallace still around