Sunday, January 3, 2010


Saturday night was Matt Yarr-kese's birthday... We got fuxd...

So shawlready knowche that the Gully is straight shabber central... I researched shabber recently and here was one of my findings... I digs this trench.

To that, Ill give a J.E. signature shaaaooooowwwwwhhhh! On a different but obvious note, the gully goes hard... One of our fans over at been bloggin a few posts about the G-Fact and he been makin these funny screencapture art... They are all pretty entertaining.

Heres one that was made to go along with the Seasons 3 and Tulsa G.F.E.'s

Another one made for the Yarr O'Da Weeks

Fuck this cold weather... The entire gully crew headin up to Milwaukee tomorrow to get our ride on. U know we bringin the Markus Excalibur so be on the look out for yet another G.F.E. shaaaawwwwwwrrrrrdigs meee??

100 - Mr. 100

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