Friday, January 15, 2010


Howdy do mutha fuckas it's Teezy Baby...

Been slackin on posts recently cause I've been chillin in Tulsa with no computer. Today I got a chance to hop on this beautiful girls computer and here I am bringing you the gwarch.

I'd like to start by informing you all that there is a new P.O.D. on the P.O.D. page. Make that two new P.O.D's. Shabber...

Second, YARR O'Da WEEK 10 is done. Expect to see that with the quick.

This is a dope ass video Nathan Williams just put out. I can't say the track is Gully or anything but Nathan is a fuckin beast.

etnies Nathan Williams BMX edit from etnies europe on Vimeo.

In Super Ultra Mega news, there is a BSD US trip in the works. Kriss Kyle, Chaz Mailey, Drew York and myself will be hitting all the indoor midwest skateparks over the week of the 25th. Should have a flyer made up by monday. Kriss and Chaz are coming over from Scotland. I can't wait to show them a dope ass time.

Above is a gutchy ass Meth & Red song by the name of Mrs.International. One my personal favorites at the moment. The highlight of the video though is where Meth pulls a Mike Spinner at the end. Hahaha. Let me learns you real quick. Spinner has been known for something other then 1080's and nose pic tailwhips on banks. Theres an old tail of a certain incident years back where he gave a hoe a high five after getting domed up. Now no offense to Mike, he is a nice kid and all but he is far from Gully. And that is a pretty Gully move whether it was intentional or not. I could see him being all goofy like he is in interviews and just signing off by throwing the high five. Haha. Either way shit had me crackin up when I seen Meth give one at the end. Another thing I'd like to point out in the video is that Meth is straight rockin some Boys 2 Men gear. Straight GULL.

Thats it for now. And probably for a grip after that.

Be good ya'll

-T Bird

Post Script: That jurrasic park video Yarkese posted had me in sticthes too.

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