Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bitch S my D!!!

Whats up Gully goons?

BS fuckin D's midwest winter tour has come to an end. Got Super Ultra Mega on this Muhfucka.

There is going to be stories and photos up no the BSD site over the next couple days along with a gutchy ass web edit that Im currently working on.

Im gonna give you a quick run down on the trip though.

All the parks got murdered of course....

Kriss Kyle.... is a fucking CUNT!

Drew York..... will fuck you. With his forehead

Drank at least 20 fouries on the trip.

Chaz Mailey..... Got a H.J. while driving an american car on the right side of the road

Chicago got tore apart by the whole crew. Straight reeked havoc on a dudes face for trying to put a hand on poke' (Kriss)

Theres a shit ton more. But I got get back t capturing clouse. Got mad edits coming. Get ready!

The slackin is done for.

Shabber fuckin Ocity... Gully be fourtyin hoes booty holes.

-T Loof da troof

Post Script... Few gwarchy screen captures from some Circus clouse.



  1. invert is so goddamn gutchy...


  2. dang sweet table brother. I can almost do that on my bmx bike.