Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Snoop D.O.Double G

Whasssup boooogah's

New G.F.E. here.

Apparently I got a good amount of S.U.M. (Super-Ultra-Mega) GULL the other night at seasons. And I just so happened to wake up at 8am O'clock this morning. So with that being said I'm proud to bring you the first of our "rap edit randoms". I just came up with that. Thats GULLY. Even though we pretty much use rap/hiphop/funk/GULL for every edit, this ones different. From now on... When we make random Eddy Murphy's were naming em by the artist. Digs it like a trench.

So here it is...

G.F.E. Rap edit Random 1 - Snoop from The GULLY FACTORY on Vimeo.

And here is how you properly put together a G-Fact Exclusive at 8am on a tuesday.

Almost like I was rushing an Eddy on Tuesday morning like my names Miles Dormeeeechian... Hahaha.

-T Loof

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