Monday, December 28, 2009

Goin' Hard

The entire gully crew was present at 4 seasons skatepark tonight going hard as bricks... The premiere of both the B.I.G. - G.F.E. and the Tulsa G.F.E. were successful... T-Malooche and the Markus Excalibur clopped enough clow for a G.F.E. from the night... We goin' so god damn hard.

Along with the usual grind I was hustlin' off our first batch of Gully Factory t-shirts. Shawlready know that we came up big and an order for more shirts and hats are already in the works. Shit, prolly gonna happen tomorrows... But you know how we do.

We also are making hoodies so if you are in the market for any gully merchandise (shirts, skullies, hoodies, or misc gully accessories), send an email over to and well set something up.

100 -- shabbercentral

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