Monday, November 23, 2009

Time killer

If any of you Gully folks have time to kill, jump on over to a good ol' website called : : This is a website where Gully Executives converge to a meeting playground where they can share their GULLY stor-ra-deenies. SHAAAWWWOOORRR!!

My favorite as of now.(chucklin').......goose pot imports

"ok, its a little complicated but bear with me. so you go grab a bunch of baby geese from the park when they are following the mamma geese and raise them as your own, train them to fly from a few locations in america and a few locations in british columbia for their migrations. then grab a bunch of pot wrapped up and tied 1 pound on the back and 1 pound on the belly of each goose after harvest in time with migration patterns then when thy land in america you go and pick the pot off of them and sell it, boom, no problems with crossing the border. then, whenever the geese make enough babies yopu start new flocks and start routes to other locations all located out of a pot farm that you start in BC...then you go and cross breed the geese to make giant super geese that can carry even more and get them to grow 20% more per generation until they are big enough to fly people around then you start jay rides in the skys, call it a Quack Pot Jay Flight and make crazy money"

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