Monday, November 30, 2009

Super Ultra Mega Gully Exclusive

I say Aze to the Gully Viewers. And I say ShhhhhhhAARRRRRRRRRhhHHhhhH to the Gully crew.

Last night we had a super ultra mega gully session at four seasons. Im still crutchin around like a tiny tim but went anyway to get blunted on the way there and film some. I only filmed for like a half hour due to whisky and beer being present. But none the less got drunk as fuck just big chillin. Ended up finding me a Gully spot to sit and heckle all the dudes when they was riding the box jumps. Shit was mad funny...


What I bring you today is the true super ultra mad gully straight from Federal.

I filmed and edited this for federal a bit ago but just put it online last night. So I think this might be the first place this has been posted other then the actual federal site.

Holla atcha Gwalla

Check back to see if I actually do anything with the 20 some clips I got of the 12:35 crew last night. If I don't, you can expect to the super ultra mega Gull from the session in an up coming Snoop Dogg edit. yar digs?

Be easy ya'll

-T Loof

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