Thursday, November 19, 2009

Newest of the New!

Whats up G'z

You see me crutch banging a blow up doll up there. Haha

Got a real exclusive for you guys this week. It's our first random edit. Featuring some Gully footage of Cobes, DY and myself from earlier this month. Incase some of ya'll don't know... I broke my leg last week. Shit is booty as fuck son.

So i decided to crank this edit out last night and Im pumped on it. And I been pumped on that new Lil Weezy mix tape "no ceilings" too. So I decided to use a Gooooie ass track from that shit yar dig?

Peeps the Ultra-GUL and look back later for another exclusive Alex Vazquez edit.

GFE November edit. from The GULLY FACTORY on Vimeo.

In todays news. I mean today, today. My nigga Catfish is getting into Tulsa tonight and we bouts to get Rowdy Rumplestein...

Might even have a Fish appearance in the next G-fact Excluse. Who knows...

If your not trying to get off your computer yet and you want some extra internet swag to bookmark... go check out This Site... It's called SpaceGhetto and It's a blog just like the G-fact. I don't know anything about it but I know one of the most recent post has over a dozen pictures of stupid (yet sexy) myspace bitches taking pictures of themselves in revealing get-ups.

Peeps dat shit too...

Im out. Gotta go rent some more movies and herbally medicate.

Can't walk ya know.

-T Pimp

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