Sunday, November 8, 2009


A little bit later then the Illinois crews pics but he are some of the Gulliest costumes from Halloween in Tulsa this year.

Right below we got Switch Blade as the lead singer of Creed. Gully.

Coble was Glenn Anderson... If you look closely on the back of his shirt you'll see a cartoon version of Glenn Anderson with a primo stach and some beach gear. I have no fucking Idea who Glenn Anderson is. But he seems pretty Gully.

Then you got me here with your average morning wood.

No stranger to anyone with a Johnson.

Then last but not least Drew York with a last minute decision Stunt Man. Drew pulled this together in about 5 minutes. Mad Gully

On his shirt is says "BOOM! Stunt Man!" I drew it on there. It was Gutchy.

Halloween was rowdy.

Speaking of Halloween here's a DP crew video of them dudes riding in hot dog costumes.

HOTDOGGIN' from Vince Leone on Vimeo.

On the down side of news I broke my leg yesterday riding the courthouse. It's a small break in the Tibia bone. I haven't been to my orthopedic doctor yet but it's definitely gonna be 6-8 weeks before Im riding again. Shit happens. Hopefully I don't have to go under the knife


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