Monday, November 9, 2009

Gully TV! & more...

In The Gulliest of news I found this hilarious image today on the internet robot.

This has Gully written all over it.

This first video is of Gucci mang...!!! Man this video makes me laugh for so many reasons. Im a just list em out.

-Gucci can barely rap in this video. Mother fucker is leaned out just talkin.

-A nappy ass black bitch with a attitude gets delt with (properly)

-Fists are thrown

-Retaliation shit talk in the same video

-And at 4:30 seconds the dude filming the bitch says "that's Gully"

Only on fuckin Youtube.

A big Appreach-e-ation to Joe Ross for the link.

Here it is

I found out theres a site called the Gullery and they write childrens books. Shit is crazy. Go peep the creep music they got on their home page.

And for the banger here's a new edit of Nate A.K.A. "Noite" A.K.A. DP commander doing a bunch of ET's and good dom hops.

In case you don't know what a Dom Hop is Ill clarify.

A "Dom Hop" is a where you roll out of a fakie with only one complete back pedal and fully half cab with both tires off the ground tucking your back end. Invented by Dominic Trovato of Milwauke WI. Here's Nates edit and a Dom Bomb edit for good measure.

Thats all the Gully I can produce for now. Im crippled.



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