Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Murdering Ice skating bear!!!

Bears are fucking Big man.

You ever seen the great out doors with John Candy? That big ass bear at the end is like 10 feet tall standing up. It's fuckin nuts... and thats what Im saying. Bears can stand up. Crazy fuckin bastards.

Apparently in Russia this bear that they had on Ice skates murked his trainer and wounded some other guy around just chilling. Here's a picture of how I remembered it.

Also some other shit I find pretty entertaining

Man here's the trailer for The Great Outdoors.

Dan Aykroyd - "what a gas!"

Just some quick internet cruisin.

We were just out riding street and had a security breach. Were hiding out right now from the squads. About to merk back out and ride some shit.

Hope we don't get stopped.... I think I've got a warrant.

Aight then..

Nice dormeee


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