Friday, October 9, 2009

Goooose Neeeeews

My homeboy and roommate Justin Coble is officially on Mongoose flow now thanks to Miles Rogoish.

Justin has been killin it since I known him but really snapped the past few months. He went on megatour with Mongoose and when everyone got back another dude Greg who's from South Africa stayed in Tulsa for a bit to film a edit with Miles and Coble.

Here's that!!!

Mongoose Web 3 from mongoose bike co on Vimeo.

I'm sure you've seen it already but not on the same site you get all your Gully Doses from.

Thats basically what the Gully Factory is all about. A bunch of Gully shit all in one place. It'd be like being at a party with the 12:34 AND the 12:35 Crew. You'd be fully Surrounded by Gully. Freestyles or brawls about to pop off at any second.

I know markese got a wicked moon walk too. Gotta watch out for the dance moves ya feel me?

Anyways it's friday. My boy Juice is coming into town with some of his college homies tonight. There's a party. and Im gon get fux'd.

Fux wit it


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