Monday, October 19, 2009

Broken glass, everywhere!

and if it aint about no money puff I just dont care... haha can u dig that?

But shit, as of late, the G-Fact been droppin bombs like Hiroshima... and this week is no different... I was in Milwaukee this past weekend chillin and filmzin wit Jeffy Klug. I got to Milwaukee kinda late friday and weather didn't permit so we rode seasons. Saturday we rode this esterbook place, which was a tennis court with sketchy ramps and other sketchy shit to ride. That place was super fun and ultragull. But yea, Klug was hurt and I was sick, but we still managed to film a little... I threw this together from the weekend. This ones for the haters!

Weekend in Milwaukee - G-Fact from The GULLY FACTORY on Vimeo.

And as far as the G-fact blowin up fast, Glen P.P. at vital threw a gully section on the latest big big bmx show. Thanks Glen!

The Big Big BMX Show Season 2, Episode 3 - More BMX Videos

I almost didnt believe it when I saw it, but yarready know im stoked...
In up and coming gully news, be on the look out for a few gully edits crunch is throwing together, a few more yarrodaweek's edits and a interview with myself...
Keep it gully and stay up... one hunnid - wescorsese

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