Friday, August 7, 2009

dialed rap lyrics

ima compile some gully ass lines right bout nuuuuhh

"gave her a SANCHEZ.. yea a dirty one" -just us

rell: yo cam, how'd that date go last night?
cam:ma man, u kno i gave mama da dirty sanchez, check the L

"I FUCK PIANOS"-pushin keys

janet what the hell is rick ross doin in our den?!
i duno i thinks hes.... OMG my grandmothers piano

"if you high like the sky im above pluto (ohhhmyygawwwdd)-rep my hood

chip go hard mayn

"swimmin in da gulf, times gettin ruff, only thang good is da dosh dat i PUFF"-soufside da realest

i duno who goes harder chip or tuck...


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